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Building Trust and Effectiveness in Research

Foocos is Datincorp new technology platform for real-time data processing.

The Live Tracking

Live Tracking

Our expert engineering and design teams have developed a technology platform (Live Tracking) that allows our clients to observe the results of quantitative studies in real time. Undoubtedly, it is one of the greatest technological innovations in the field of quantitative research worldwide.

Observe Results in Real Time

Live Tracking is a powerful guarantee of confidence in research. Customers will have in their hands, in real time, results that in the past took days or even weeks to have available. With Live Tracking, the signs of doubt or distrust in the handling of the data disappear after the fieldwork is concluded.

Results in real time
The Geo Track

The Geo Track

The Geo Track is another guarantee of trust. Our customers can observe in real time, through a satellite map, the exact location of our work teams in the field. It is a useful tool for auditing our performance in the field.

The Final Report in Your Hands

The Final Report in Your Hands

Just a few hours after completing the fieldwork, you would be able to download the final report of the study.

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