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Datincorp stands out for the rigor and precision of its research. A strong leadership built in over three decades in several countries, accompanying companies and politicians in their success challenges.


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All companies spend fortunes to know what their external customers think, but how many know what their internal customers think, that is, their employees?

Companies Organizational Health


Consumers are no longer the same as they were 30 years ago.

Delving into the brain of consumers


What is the dimension of the social base that makes up a Municipality?

Who and how many live in the Municipality

Tax collection is the foundation of municipal success.

Taxpayer Tomography

The GOV-15 of organizational health is key to generating satisfied voters.

Motivation and Commitment of the Government Team

Every ruler is obliged to consult his electors if they are satisfied with his performance and if they would vote for him again.

How voters evaluate their rulers


Who are they and how do voters think we need to win.

Profile of target voters

Digital media and social networks are the kings of communication. What is expressed there is vital for the campaign.

Digital Intelligence in the campaign

Keeping a regular record of campaign performance is critical to a successful electoral strategy.

Tracking Poll & Vote Trend

For strategic reasons it is vital to know the electoral results in advance.

Exit Poll & Quick Count

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We are recognized worldwide for the quality of our products, for the reliability of the data we provide to our clients, and for our high sense of ethics in handling data. Leading social media outlets in America and Europe have taken Datincorp's investigations and opinions as a reference for their journalistic work.

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