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Key Voters Profile

Key Voters Profile
  1. You have to aim for the target. Thoroughly knowing the voters, we need in order to win an election, is a strategic obligation of every election campaign.

  2. You have to know how voters think, what their social performance is like, and what their political preferences are.

  3. Quantitative and qualitative studies are key tools for the design of a successful electoral strategy. Having useful information is the first step before starting a campaign. It is a principle of politics.

  4. We have a great experience in the design and execution of political and electoral research. It is one of our greatest strengths. We deliver reliable, real-time results. Quality, Costs and Times are our greatest strengths.

Digital Intelligence in the Campaign

  1. Information technology is transforming electoral campaigns. Social networks have empowered voters and changed their communication habits.

  2. Today social networks have displaced classic means of communication. Big data and artificial intelligence make it possible to segment the electoral public in a way never seen before in the history of politics.

  3. Digital demographics, social perception coordinates, “social humor” coordinates in networks, metrics and benchmark are mandatory resources for all electoral campaigns today. Their absence is fatal for the candidates.

  4. We have an expert team in Digital Intelligence. We deliver reliable and extremely useful results for the campaigns success.

Digital Intelligence in the Campaign

Tracking Poll and Voting Trend

Tracking Poll and Voting Trend
  1. It is a mortal sin not to track the performance of any campaign strategies. Early knowing the gaps that exist between the proposed objectives and the results achieved is an obligation of any campaign.

  2. Periodic quantitative studies are an essential tool for campaign audits. Audits, logs, and measurements are the best resources to optimize a campaign.

  3. Periodic quantitative studies allow you to measure the performance and evolution of the campaign during certain periods.

  4. Polls in election campaigns have been one of Datincorp greatest strengths. We are characterized by assertiveness, scientific accuracy and an impeccable and proven ethical handling of the data collected.

Exit Poll and Quick Count

  1. We must anticipate the official results. Election campaigns should include hiring Exit Poll and Quick Count for Election Day.

  2. Knowing the results of the elections in advance, especially when there are closed scenarios between the candidates, allows key strategic decisions to be taken in advance.

  3. Datincorp has a long experience with exit polls and in providing the technological resources for quick counts by the candidates' electoral teams (coordinators, members and electoral witnesses).

  4. Datincorp has proven to be one of the organizations that anticipate election results with high accuracy.

Exit Poll and Quick Count

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