How to measure Voter Engagement

Who lives in the Municipality

Who lives in the Municipality
  1. Information is Power. All public policies must have a very well-defined social scope.

  2. The key to the success of public policies is to know the quantitative and qualitative dimension of the population.

  3. A cadastral census lets us thoroughly know the characteristics of the targeted population about public policies of the Municipality.

  4. We are experts in the design and execution of cadastral censuses. Our expert team guarantees a great result.

Taxpayer Tomography

  1. There is nothing free and someone has to pay the bill. These are two principles of politics and power that many politicians forget (or seem to forget).

  2. The success of governments largely lies in the strength of their finances. And these are nourished by their tax base.

  3. A tax census allows you to rigorously know the active and passive taxpayers. It is useful for detecting tax evasion and improving collection.

  4. We are experts in tax censuses. We have an expert team that guarantees a good result and an increase in collection.

Taxpayer Tomography

Motivation and Commitment of the Government Team

Motivation and Commitment of the Government Team
  1. Governments spend fortunes to conquer and persuade citizens and voters, but how much do they spend on knowing how public employees think?

  2. Motivation and commitment of the government team guarantees the effectiveness of the management and they are an important capital for the next electoral battle.

  3. Periodic qualitative and quantitative studies are a highly effective tool for defining individual and team performance.

  4. Datincorp has a proven and successful experience (over 30 years) evaluating organizational performance in governments.

The Gob-15: A Powerful Tool to Know Voters

  1. Datincorp Gob-15 is a powerful tool for measuring levels of governance at all levels of political power

  2. It contains 12 positive statements that operate as validation indicators of 4 macro-variables.

    • Expectations
    • Leadership
    • Government
    • Politics
  3. Customers can propose and add another 3 new indicators adapted to their specific reality, with which we would have a total of 15 statements that voters must validate through 5 response options (Likert Scale).

  4. The client will finally obtain the traffic light of governance, as well as political and electoral positioning of the mayor.

Quienes Viven en el Municipio
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The Gob-15 Instrument

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