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Digging into Consumers' Brains

Digging into Consumers' Brains
  1. Consumers are no longer the same as they were 30 years ago. The mass consumer, who purchase almost the same brands and products, gave way to a selective consumer, much more demanding and differentiated.

  2. We are in times of rescue individuality. Mass and passive consumers are disappearing. The market rules. It is the empire of consumers. They are our real bosses. And listening to them makes the difference between success and failure.

  3. The inclusion of new information technologies and the increase in the educational level of the population give shape to the new market. At Datincorp, we are at the vanguard of information technology worldwide.

  4. At Datincorp, we discover consumer preferences. We know what is the cultural and psychological framework that moves you when purchasing, and what the best communication channels are. A display of research and studies allows us to know this.

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